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Tuesday 29/10/13

Strength Olympic –
Squat Clean and Jerk
4sets of 3reps @ % 85

For Time
60 Thrusters (95/65)
*Every time the barbell is at rest for 3 seconds or more a 5 burpee pull ups penalty will be implemented. So, you will not be able to hangout with the barbell in the front rack, you must be working.

Comp. (135/95), C2B burpee pull ups

South Georgia Throw Down

Here is the run down of the Ironclad CrossFit weekend. It was a full one to say the least. So, I will first congratulate Caroline Guerrini on completing the Marine Corp Marathon today. She rocked her first marathon with an amazing time of 4:52. The South Georgia Throw down was a blast, our scaled team (Jade, Diana, RJ, Irvan) of first time competitors and CrossFitters with less than a year of experience finished in a very respectable 19th place. Tylor Morgan kicked ass and earned a place on the podium winning 2nd place in the Masters Division. Coach Alex busted his ass all weekend, weighing in at 130 pounds he competed in the Rx Division and did some serious work. The only thing that he picked up that was under his body weight was 70 pound kettle bell. Pretty respectable…
It really makes me proud as a coach to see the progressions, improvements, and guts that our athletes displayed this weekend. Thank you for all the hard work, I can’t wait to coach another event.

Coach B