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Ironclad CrossFit – CrossFit


Happy Bday, Alicia!

33 Burpees! No Baby Cards Allowed!


Back Squat (10 X 3 OTM)

Skill Review

Clean & Jerk


Metcon (Time)

PCL&J: 30 for time

Goal is to finish in 5:00

Loading – level that would make it hard to finish.








If you have finished Grace in less than 3:00 then go up a level

5:00 TC


Booty Booty Boootay (AMRAP – Rounds)

With Bands

3 X 10 Clam Shells each leg

3 X 10 Glute Bridge

3 X 40 Ft Pigeon Walk

3 X 40 Ft Side Step Walk

3 X 40 Ft Kick Back Walk


Ironclad CrossFit – CrossFit

Choose Barbell or Conditioning. If you wish to do both, plan to attend two class times.



Open Gym


Metcon (Time)

800M Run

100 Plate Jumps 45#

80 Sit-Ups

60 Lunges (SC)

40 Mad Russians 35/25 (DC)

500M Row

Rest 2:00

400M Run

80 Plate Jumps

60 Sit-Ups

40 Lunges

20 MR

250M Row

Rest 2:00

400M Run

60 Plate Jumps

40 Sit-Ups

20 Lunges

10 MR

500M Row

50 Min TC
RX+: Choose one or all –

Vest on run or all, Do some GHDs, Do taller plate stack, Add weight to lunges, Heavier plate on MR

You should be able to continue to move consistently withut having to rest much.